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Upload PDB file.
Upload cif-sf file (optional) - for reindexing of reflection data.
Packing (optional) - check this box to search for the most compact assembly. Caution! If there are many chains and their grouping is not known beforehand, use this option judiciously, as unexpected results are possible. If there are known quaternary assemblies among the chains, you may bundle them together using the Grouping option.
Grouping (optional) - force chain grouping for packing analysis.
Use comma to separate chain ID’s (as in the PDB file), and semicolon to separate groups, e.g.
if chains A, B form one dimer, and chains C, D another dimer.


All submitted data will be deleted after 96 hours. Each submission gets a unique, random identification number. Access to the results is possible only with the knowledge of the identification number.


To report errors, bugs, unusual behavior of the program, or to get help, please contact me at


Kowiel, M., Jaskolski, M. & Dauter, Z. (2014). ACHESYM: an algorithm and server for standardized placement of macromolecular models in the unit cell. Acta Cryst. D70, doi:10.1107/S1399004714024572.


You may use OccuCheck server for validation of atomic occupancies in PDB files: